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Building Permits

Building Permit applications are assessed by one of our experienced building surveyors for compliance with building regulations, and assessment advice is provided.
Once all plans and documentation have been received to satisfy regulation requirements, a building permit is issued.

Building Inspections

All mandatory permit inspections are carried out by one of our registered inspectors, and can be booked by calling 9433 7777 at least one day prior to the booking date.

Permits & Forms

Building, pool and demolition permit information and application forms


Generally structural work will require a building permit. This includes structures such as decking and verandahs, as well as dwelling extensions and renovations. Also included are brick/timber fences above a certain height and internal structural work.
For a list of building permit exemptions, see Building Regulations 2018 Schedule 3 and for in-depth details regarding the exemptions, refer to the Victorian Building Authority.

Apply for a building permit

Need to apply for a building permit? Do so in your own time, online!

Apply for a building permit without login details.
Login and apply for a building permit.

Standard Requirements

When preparing to lodge an application for a permit, you need to make sure that at the very least the standard requirements are met.
There are different requirements for the different permits so make sure you lodge complete applications.

Permit Application Forms

Application forms to accompany your project documentation when applying for a permit.

Report & Consent Applications

Application forms for dispensation and other statutory services.

Copies of Documentation

Application form to obtain copies of plans and/or documentation.


If you’re a building surveyor and have a client project within Banyule the Building Act 1993 sets out your reporting obligations (see section 80, s30 and s73).

Keep your reporting up to date and lodge the project details now.


Fees and payments

All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Application processing

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive notification that it has been successfully received and accepted. We endeavour to assess the application within 4 weeks.


The deposit for a building permit application is non-refundable after we accept the application.
Deposits will be refunded if we don't accept the building application.
Refunds or part thereof may be provided if an application is cancelled or withdrawn, dependant on the progress of the application.